An open notebook on the making of a documentary film called Wind Sand and Stars.


Bill Viola: Cameras are soul keepers

A collaborative piece of work: I did some of the cinematography for Kathryn Pyle’s Farm Labor back in 2011.

So, if you are waiting to watch Wind Sand and Stars, please be patient. It takes a long time to finish a film on your own. :)

A White Road and an Ambiguous Narrative

After failing to capture his vision for a project, Ivan Sigal unmoored himself from his preconceived story and went on a dizzying trek through Russia and Central Asia.

zoological and scientific documentaries along with some experimental films are the only forms of film making without a fetish for humans.

Düşünceler duyguların çekim alanına girince bükülürler.

Hakan Günday. AZ

Her zihin bir patlamayla doğar, şişer ve genişlemeye devam eder. Ancak sadece bazıları mükemmel dengeye ulaşır. Diğerleri yüksek yoğunlukları yüzünden çöker. Bu onların sonu değil kapandıkları andır.

Hakan Günday. AZ

Yaratıklıktan yaratıcığa geçmek.

Hakan Günday. AZ

Çelişki buz tutmuş bir göldür.

Hakan Günday. AZ

How can you compare a tiny village in Africa to NYC. It is like trying to compare a steak dinner to a birthday cake. That’s why “Wind Sand and Stars” takes place within the same country and culture.

Wind Sand and Stars !

The long trailer is coming to an internet device near you in February 2013.

The long continuum of nature, the majesty of which belittles the diminutive empires of man - man, whose bulk is one twelve hundred and fiftieth of that a whale, whose lifespan is a third of that a goose, and whose advantage over his fellow creatures are all mechanical and therefore dependent on the education of each generation.

Geography of the Imagination, Forty Essays by Guy Davenport

Just as painting succeed in reproducing perspective, cinema should have succeeded in something, too, but was unable to due to the application of the invention of sound. But there are traces of it.

Jean Luc Godard